Thursday, 28 August 2014


I just love paneer,actually i make them at home ,occassionally we do buy them from stores.Here 's how i made this recipe with my additions of one or two ingredients.i searched the whole web for the the perfect one and lastly i landed on Sanjeev Kapoors PAGE,i always land up there.I've always been his fan too ever since the show started on the zee tv show:)i"ve made almost all the chicken curries, in his menu,always a wonderful delight !I am no chef ,just an ordinary girl fiesting in the kitchen,so nothing can catch up to  this great CHEF:)


2tbsp oil
1 tsp cummin seeds
salt to taste 
1/4 tsp turmeric pwd.
1 1/2 tsp corriander pwd.
1/2 tsp cummin pwd.
1 chilli pwd
1cup fresh tomato puree
2 tbsp roasted peanut paste
1 tsp garam masal pwd
2 medium potatoes.peeled and chopped horiz.
1 cup shelled green peas
100 gms panne/cottage cheese 1 medium onion 
1 inch ginger pc.
8 - 10 garlic cloves
milk 1/2 cup
tandoori masala 1 tsp
1. grind to paste the onions ginger and the garlic to fine paste ,no water added oil add the jeera ,onoin paste cook till color changes to slightly brown
3.add the turmeric pwd and the potatoes,cook for 3 mins.
4.add the rest of the masala pwds and then the green peas.
5.add water 1/2 cup,simmer for 5 mints.
6.add the tomatoes and paneer,salt to taste,peanut paste and stir well
7. add milk and the tandoori masala,which is ofcourse opt.
NOTE you could skip the last step,for me this brings my curry that tangy taste i was looking for .



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