Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Unni appam ,our household favourite,actually my mom's favourite ,though she only cooks and serves others and has only one or two to herself :-) .My son stands right next to her while she prepares these 'ever to see 'lovely brown balls.soft on the inside and so crunchy on the outside.Our relatives and friends just love these and so my mom always prepares them..esp.for occasions.She's quite famous for her unni appams ,I don't have a clue why some call it karra appams ,actually both r totally different.Umma changes her recipe every now  and then,adding this and that,and Everytime she changes it just becomes more fabulous,kai punnium-meaning magic at hands:-) so here's her latest version ,till changes it again...

Raw rice 1/2 kl Good  quality
Jaggery 1/2 kl
1 cup coconut pcs
Cardamom pwd 1 tsp
Roasted black sesame seeds 1 tbsp
SMall jeera roasted pwd.1 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
3 tbsp Maida
3 tbsp rice pwd
1/4 tsp baking pwd.
Ripe plantains,(bananas)1/2kl
Cooked rice 1/2 cup

Boil jaggery in 1/2 cup water and stir well until it melts completely.keep aside.Sieve to remove any sediments.
soak the pachari rice (raw rice),for 3 hrs.
Grind rice and cooked rice like iddly batter.
Pour this rice mixture into a mixing bowl and add the jaggery into it.Jaggery shoud be cool.
Mix well and add all the pwds.
Add boiled and smashed bananas.
Roast the coconut pcs in ghee till golden brown.
Add the black sesame seeds and cool .
Add when cool
Prepare the appa karra with hot oil.
Right before starting to prepare add the baking pwd.
Note that the oil shoud be in moderate heat.
Pour the batter and toss the balls and brown them evenly
Enjoy !


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