Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Grapejuice pulp

I love fresh juices,and if it  can be  refrigerated  and stored to chill for long , the better ..as my family are hookers on fresh juice  as always . This is a childhood memoir drink . Umma prepares this everytime and its easy to serve for guests on short notice . We just have it from the bottle itself . But then came a time we just got fed up of the look itself  . And as they say some recipes  just die out in time . Faiz , my youngest is allergic to grapes so boiling them is the only option . At the same time its his best fruit .
Its been a long time since i have done a juice post .. after closing my last WordPress site for technical reasons i have ventured back to square one with great excitement .. my friends and relatives have supported me throughout and that makes me even more reluctant to be more involved in my blog . This is a special space for me . It gave everything i wanted... and i hope and wish i get all the support from my' virtual 'friends to continue further.  Moreover the best part of blogging is it always keeps me alive  .

Grapejuice pulp recipe


  • 2 kgs grapes
  • 1 cup sugar
  • Water for boiling


  • Clean the grapes and boil in immersed water .
  • Once it starts to boil , off and drain into a mesh bowl .
  • Strain into a deep vessel.
  • Pulp out as much as you can with a spoon .
  • While still warm add the sugar and mix well . Add more if required.
  • Store in bottles in refrigerator. It will stay upto a three  to four days .

I generally don't add sugar when  i make this during Eid or Ramadan . As most of my guests are diabetic .


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