Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Tharri kachyathe

I am ending this Ramadan with a heavy heart .. How time flies and alhamdullillah we have made our way to attain how much ever time we had to complete our ibadadah.
This ramadan  we planned on having a warm drink evey alternate days .I guess many of you must have be wondering what choices do i have . Well here , Malabar is famous for the luxurious warm drinks. I always like to try something new but with the same ingredients. Last Ramadan, we went only for cold and icy drinks and eventuality would fall sick , so i guess i am having silent break from the flu and the fever so far . So my first recipe for warm drinks this ramadan is samolina drink / thari kachyathe .

 It is served warm not hot . Served with roasted ghee fried nuts straight  from stove top . Anything  served with ghee  and nuts is a way to hint the time to relax  and have it right away , it is the nuts and dry fruits ,  that  floats in the milk which is very slurpy .


2 cups milk
2 tablespoon roasted samolina.
4 tablespoon sugar
2 Cardamom crushed
1 teaspoon ghee
Nuts of your choice.
A pich of salt.


Boil the milk and let simmer .
Meanwhile heat a non stick pan .
Roast the samolina/rava for 2 minutes
Add to the simmering milk.
Stir well .
Roast the nuts in ghee.
Add to the milk and add the cardamom powder.
Add sugar and a pinch of salt .
Cover and serve after 10 minutes.
It will thicken by then .
Serve warm .


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