Saturday, 26 May 2018

Arri paysaam/vishu/onam recipes

Arri payasam is the easiest one can make especially during  any celebrations or occassions during our busy schedules..Needless to say, yes I love anything sweet and payasam is my weakness especially this one . Payasam after a simple meal is like quenching ones craving for sweet.

Actually i am renovating my blogspace so u may find many recipes from past . Without much delay .. Here'smy recipe for today.
1 litre milk 
1/2 cup ghee rice.
1/2 tin milkmaid 
Ghee for roasting the nuts
Cashews and raisins as needed. 
Sugar if necessary according to taste 

Wash the rice and dry on cloth .
Just coarse grind the rice. 
Heat ghee in nonstick pan , roast cashews and raisins to golden brown. Set aside. 
Boil the milk and simmer and keep stiring for 3 minutes. 
Add the course grinded rice and cook till done.
Add in the milkmaid .
Add the sugar only if need .
Garnish withthe nuts and raisins. 
Serve warm.

Notes :
I personally dont like the addition of more sugar . 
If u find the liquid consistency too thick add more milk .


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