Friday, 12 September 2014


Biryani ,the word comes to mind when u have a party,weddings,anything to do with happiness ,u could say.
My bro.just cooked this dish,and passed it on saying that didnt get enough of it!Ya we r all good cooks,no gender bias,here when it comes to Kitchen Fiesta.thats my kitchen.He mixed and matched mom's recipe along with the original one ,and it turned out great.
1 kl chicken cut into biriyani pcs.
for marination:
turmeic pwd. 1/4 pwd 
corriander pwd . 1 tsp
chilli pwd. 1 tsp salt 
curd 1 tsp
for the masala:
onions 4 big sliced thinly
tomatoes 2 sliced thinly
ginger garlic paste 2 tbsps
green chilli pastes 3 tbsps
turmeric 1/4 tsp
corriander pwd 1 tbsp.
red chilli pwd 1 tsp 
garam masala pwd.1 tsp.
salt to taste 
ghee 1/4 cup
Knor masala cubes(optional) 1
lemon juice of one lime
for the rice:
biriyani rice (of ur choice)1 kl washed and drained
water is 1 cup rice =1 1/2 cup water boiled
garam masala whole :
cardamom 1 cloves 2 cinammon 2
salt to taste
marinate the chicken pcs and fry in oil till half done,and keep aside reserve the oil .
wash and drain the rice,
heat the ghee and fry  the onions to translucent ,add the ginger garlic paste and the green chillies
after stirring for 15 mins and the raw smell of the pastes r gone add the pwds mentioned above.
add the tomatoes and smash well,
add the Knore cube and stir,adjust the salt to your taste.
add the fried chicken,toss well and cook in the masala stirring  ocassionally
add lemon juice of one lime to enhance the masala
Prepare your rice:
heat ghee add the onions and the garam masala wholes,add the boiled water ,add the salt
add the rice (drained well).adjust the salt.
cook the rice till 3/4 done 
dum cooking:
Now take out half  of the rice and add the masala add other half rice on top of the masala.
cover will foil and lid it well tight.
garnish with fried nuts,currents,mint ,corriander leaves,onions.
Note add the reserved fried oil on top of the layered rice ,this will also boost the aroma of the biryani.


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