Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wallai appam/rice appam

Wallai appam/ rice appam/yeast appam/lacy appam,....whatever the name these are our breakfast or dinner delights!this so soft and spongy appams goes well with chutneys and potato stews(that's how my grandpa loves it) and coconut milk(plain or little sugar added ).the options are limitless.if there anyone who hasn't tried this do so with no further hesitation.
My measurement here is exact so please do not faulter

2 cups raw rice
1 /2 cup boiled rice per cup raw rice
coconut water  to grind 
coconut grind 1/2 of one coconut
yeast 1 tsp
sugar 3 tbsp
salt to taste
baking soda  a pinch
baking pwd a pinch
1.wash and soak the rice for 4 hours at least .
2.grind all the ingredients except for the soda and the baking pwd.
3.mix everything and let to ferment overnight/8 hrs.atleast.
4.before preparing the appams add in the soda and the baking pwd.
5.appams always turn out well when you prepare them in the appam chatti/the nonstick pan.
or you can make them in the small pans too.
i make them very thin and lacy ,crispy is what the kids luv:)

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