Tuesday, 2 September 2014


This is one of my favourite veggies ,so I grow them in my kitchen.My first try out at this recipe and it has turned out well.I remember I used to have it from gujarathi friends:-) That's where ,we actually started having fun eating vegetarian food.Back then my mom used to mix Gujarathi and Kerala flavours in her cookings.

 Ladies fingers/bindi 1/2 kl
jeera 1 tsp
oil 3 tbsps
Cummin pwd 1 tsp
fennel pwd 1 Tsp
corriander pwd 1tsp
onions 2 small ,chopped finely
turmeric pwd. 1/2tsp
chilli pwd1/2tsp
garlic chopped finely1/2tsp
green chillies 1 chopped finely
Salt to taste
onions 1 Big chopped
tomato 1
Jeera pwd 1 tsp
corriander pwd 1 tsp
PAv baji masala a pinch

1. Heat oil in nonstick pan and add the jeera seeds,fry the onions in low heat.keep stirring well.
2.Then add the garlic ,cummin, fennel ,corriander powders,a little salt,check not to burn the masala.
3.Off and let it cool.
4. Wash and pat dry the bindis on kitchen towel.Slit carefully in the middle only,like a pocket ,so the masala can stay well packed inside.
5.Place the masala,into the bindis and keep aside.
6.Heat oil and fry in low heat carefully so the masala will not come out.
7.In that time,fry the chopped onions to slight golden brown,
8. Add the jeera pwd,corriander pwd,salt,pav baji masala.
9Add the chopped tomatoes,salt to taste,stir well .
10.check the bindies and take them out of the oil
11.place them in masala and toss them.
Note :I just love to eat these with plain chapathis and dal:-)


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