Thursday, 11 September 2014

Vanilla chiffon butter cake

Actually this should have been my first cake post,OK now I am just not being overconfident but when it comes to cakes :-) ,my baking spirit s are hiiiigh:-) I just love cakes however I try new ones my cake darlings never let me down.Always chocolate cakes r our favs,I suppose everyone's !So here's one of my collection ,Vanilla chiffon cakes,oh yes Chiffon it is,this cake is soo soft that it was shaking like a jelly.

        Now baking this cake could b tricky but believe me it  is easy,that is if you are a regular Baker :-) There has been a problem for some of you whose cakes,ie,after baking would leave a depression in the middle.Now that's because you have faultered with the measurements,so do take care.
This cake is a basic one to birthday cakes.So go ahead and bake them gals:-) :-) :-)-)

Vanilla sponge cakes yields 2 ,8" layer or 24 standard cup cakes,lightly spray your cup cakes with pan grease before pouring the Batter.
Also a note ,parchment paper is the best for baking cakes as you want clean result
Large eggs at room temp.200 gms(4)
Granulated or castor sugar 400g(2 cups)
Whole milk 8 fl. Oz.(1 cup or 237 ml)
Unsalted butter112 g (8 tbs)
Vanilla extract 1 tbsp
All purpose flour 260gms(2 cups)( you could sub in cake flour here at 250 gms)
Baking pwd.10 gms(2tsp)
Salt 1/4 tsp

In the bowl of your mixer,whisk the eggs on high speed untill the eggs become foamy,and then gradually add the sugar slowly in one go.
Beat the eggs for about 5 to 7 mints until you reach that ribbony stage.
Meantime heat the butter and the milk in microwave /stove top and reserve it warm,coz you will have to add it that way.
Also have you flour,baking pwd.and salt sifted
Once your batter has reached ribbony stage,add the dry ingredients  at once with beater off and slowly start again in slow speed at first,then increase it slowly till well incorporated
Now ,take a clean bowl,take out 2 cups of ur cake batter and then add into the milk butter mixture.
Mix well and then add this back to the rest of the cake batter and finally mix all together.
Add vanilla essence and pour to cake pan and bake for 25 to 30 mins 
For baking in oven ,350 f for 25 mins and lower the temp. To325 f  till the cake is done 
But i feel the stove is better.
Let your cake cool and then turn over to your serving plate and the rest is yours....
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